How We’re Supporting Customers With Enhanced Self-Service

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Ensuring a great customer experience is the cornerstone to any successful product or service. Here at Wowza, customer success is in our DNA. Holding true to our brand promise of being the solution you start with, the partner you scale with, I’m pleased to announce some very useful developments in our customer support offering!

These enhancements were driven entirely by you — the customer. Many of you graciously participated in one or more of our post-engagement surveys over the past few years. To everyone’s benefit, you were also very vocal on what we could do to make your experience better.

You spoke, and we listened! Read on to find out how we’ve enhanced self-service across the board.


Easily View and Update Tickets in the Customer Portal

Customers like you now have full visibility into current and legacy tickets with Wowza. This feature will allow you to fully interact on any open support tickets that you’re actively engaged in. You can find your ticket repository in the Support tab of the Portal.

Screenshot of the Wowza Customer Portal with support tickets categorized by status, subject, and ticket ID.

Quickly Find the Latest Production and Patch Releases

While we’re on the topic of the Customer Portal, we’ve also made searching for and accessing current, previous, and beta versions of our Wowza Streaming Engine releases much more intuitive. You can access this feature in the Downloads tab of the Portal.

Screenshot of the Customer Portal Downloads tab where the latest production and patch releases are listed with options to install or update.

Announcing: FAQ Troubleshooting Guide

We’re not done though! One of the most frequent requests we received was for a frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide — a space where the most common troubleshooting issues and technical how-tos could be accessed. We utilized our root cause analysis data, ticket trends, forum questions, and other sources to cultivate the content for our fresh-off-the-press Support FAQ Guide.


Resources to Find the Answers You Need

Check out our FAQ Guide today to save time getting the answers you need — or scroll through our robust library of video tutorials, technical documentation, and other resources to help you thrive. Just let us know how we can better support you, and we’ll make it happen.


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With more than ten years in global service management experience, Rob Poach serves as the vice president of global service delivery at Wowza Media Systems. Rob’s role involves applying his passion for customer success toward building and leading teams focused on that same goal.