Introducing Wowza Streaming Engine Manager!

We launched Wowza Streaming Engine just a couple of days ago, and while I am excited about the entire new product, I am personally thrilled to give you a tour of the new Wowza Streaming Engine Manager. This application has been my focus since I joined Wowza, and I can’t wait for you to start using it.

This administrative web application lets you control local and remote installations of Wowza Streaming Engine using any modern web browser, on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Here’s just a few of the features.

wowza streaming engine manager

When you sign in to the manager, you will be presented with a helpful home page that gives you at-a-glance status information about the number of active connections, and the health of your system.

wowza streaming engine home page

On the Server pages, you can see server monitoring information, set up Transcoder AddOn templates for adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), add users and publishers to the system, and tune the performance of Wowza Streaming Engine to maximize streaming throughput and quality.

wowza streaming engine manager monitoring

On the Application pages there are many great features. Wowza Streaming Engine Manager makes it very simple to create new streaming applications by simply selecting the type of application you would like to create. Wowza Streaming Engine ships with two default applications, one for live streaming and one for video on demand (VOD) streaming. To view and modify settings for these applications, simply select one of them in the sidebar. You can select the playback types desired, view incoming streams, record incoming streams, configure security options, and manage Transcoder, nDVR and DRM AddOn functionality for the selected application.

wowza streaming engine manager live app

One of the most helpful features of Wowza Streaming Engine Manager is the built-in test players. Every application has a Test Player button at the top that allows you to make sure the application is configured properly by viewing a stream. You can even email a link to play the stream on a mobile device using the Mobile test player tab.

wowza streaming engine manager test players

The manager will make working with Wowza Streaming Engine much easier!

As a part of the recent release, we recorded a video demo walking through the manager. To see the manager in action – check it out here

Check out the video, then download the trial and let me know what you think!

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