Low-Latency CMAF (Common Media Application Format)


Update July 5, 2019: Apple’s recent announcement about Low-Latency HLS has impacted low-latency CMAF. To learn more about this, please read our post, Apple Low-Latency HLS: What It Is and How It Relates to CMAF.

The Common Media Application Format, or CMAF, is poised to become the standard for low-latency live streaming. When paired with chunked encoding and chunked transfer encoding, this new alternative enables sub-three-second delivery.

Chunked-encoded and chunked-transferred CMAF will allow OTT to compete directly with cable in terms of live broadcast latency. And because the format offers cost savings, it should open up the possibility for additional live-streaming opportunities.

Looking to take advantage of low-latency CMAF? The Wowza Streaming Engine™ software and Wowza Player is working to support this technology.

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