Remote Ready: Live Remote Video With Easy Live


In this Studio Session recorded at NAB 2019, Wowza’s Tim Dougherty sits down with Philippe Laurent from Easy Live to discuss live remote video production.

Easy Live’s cloud-based production studio allows broadcasters to overlay graphics, add media, and mix content from different sources. This helps centralize information when broadcasting remotely to a variety of platforms.

Capable of streaming to up to 30 different destinations at once, Easy Live makes simulcasting easy. And because everything’s managed in the cloud, remote video production is a snap.

Use Cases Include:

  • 24/7 Media: From sports organizations to tv broadcasters, Easy Live helps streamline production — no matter the volume of content.
  • Global eSports: Easy Live’s full suite of cloud-based production tools supports multi-language broadcasts around the world.
  • Social Media Streaming: For anyone creating weekly broadcasts or live social campaigns, Easy Live enables users to adapt their content based on recommended settings and easily simulcast to different platforms.

Watch the interview to learn more.


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