SecureToken now supports all playback formats

We are excited to announce enhancements to the SecureToken offering in Wowza Streaming Engine.  In addition to the current support for Flash-based (RTMP) content, SecureToken now supports all playback formats, dramatically increasing the opportunities to leverage this security method.

SecureToken is a popular form of link protection. In many cases link protection is an effective content security method. Link protection only protects access to the content, not the content itself. A common application of link protection is access prevention through the distribution and syndication of content links by unauthorized video publishers.

Here is how SecureToken works:

•The video publisher creates a “token” that is a combination of known and secret parameters. The secret parameter is only the known by the video publisher and Wowza.

•The video publisher integrates this “token” into their content publishing environment such that it is applied to content links at the time the content is requested for viewing, making access to the content dynamic.

•Wowza Streaming Engine analyzes and verifies the “token” with each content request, and responds with the appropriate decision for the content.

For more information about SecureToken, please visit here.

When content requires protection from unauthorized access, it is critical to have the right protection methods implemented that are appropriate and effective for the situation. Like most security methods, SecureToken can be combined with other security methods such as AES-128 for greater protection.  Wowza Streaming Engine™ offers multiple security options, many of which can be implemented simultaneously, to ensure that streams, networks, and audio and video assets are protected.  Examples include AES-128, studio-approved DRM, StreamLock™ SSL certification for RTMPS and HTTPS streams, and authenticated connections.

To learn more about the complete set of security options in Wowza Streaming Engine, please visit here.

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