Stream Live Events with Wowza and Rackspace Cloud

Have a live event that needs to be streamed to a small audience or to the world? Or setting up recurring live events to broadcast via your site?

Video streaming — whether live or on-demand — has become a powerful way for organizations of all sizes to engage with their audiences. Seminars, classes, speaker presentations, concerts, sports events, sermons, you name it — so many different types of events leverage streaming to reach broader audiences.

But where do you start? What software or hardware or technical expertise do you need to stream?

Join our next Works With Wowza™ webinar series to get great tips. We will be highlighting a real case example of how set up their streaming infrastructure to get new business. Based in Austin, TX, TourGigs is an in-house production and distribution company that makes live concert videos available for purchase within days of the actual filming. Their principal partner, Blastro Networks creates music video websites that feature original productions and official artist videos. Blastro Networks' content is spread across three genre-specific sites (, & and is viewed by over 20 million people each month on Hulu, Verizon Fios TV, Roku & Dailymotion.

Webinar: Stream Live Concerts with Wowza Streaming Engine™ on Rackspace Cloud

Wednesday, June 4, 11 AM PT

Casey Charvet, Technical Director for, and Chris Knowlton, Streaming Industry Evangelist at Wowza Media Systems will walk you through a live concert production workflow. 

See how leverages Wowza Streaming Engine to:

• Ingest their HD-quality MPEG-4 stream

• Transcode and convert it in real time into several different formats to work seamlessly on a variety of devices and platforms…

• … While dynamically taking viewer bandwidth and hardware capabilities into consideration. 

In addition, you’ll learn:

• How to leverage Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers to handle the process- and hardware- intensive task of transcoding hours of HD quality video in real time, affordably and reliably, and delivering those video streams to customers around the world.

• How TourGigs is upgrading their production pipeline to gear up for 4K and HEVC.


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