Stream to Facebook Live With Facebook Paired Encoding Templates


Go live faster with ClearCaster’s pre-tuned encoding templates designed for streaming to Facebook. Our newest Facebook Paired encoding templates get your production team up and streaming in no time — with extra features to boot. The functionality also ensures high-quality streaming and ease-of-use.

Now you can connect directly to Facebook’s API using Universal Mode and:

  • Stream to your timeline or any page or group you manage without the extra steps of copying and pasting streaming URLs and keys.
  • Send redundant streams to Facebook for uninterrupted reliable playback.
  • Adjust audio input level and audio channel mapping for optimized audio.
  • Rest assured you have the most optimized path to Facebook.

Watch the video to find out how.

Full Video Transcript:Justin Miller:

Live stream to Facebook using paired templates in Wowza ClearCaster. To show this functionality, we’ll open up Wowza ClearCaster Manager in the browser using Incognito Mode, so prior Facebook pairings are ignored. Start by creating the broadcast for use with Facebook. We’ll name this broadcast, and then select the ClearCaster we want to use. Your destination will need to be Facebook Paired. While there are a number of optimized templates available, we’ll leave it at 1080p30 for now. There are some great additional options available. Well, we’ll leave it all default and just create the broadcast. With the ClearCaster ready and the broadcast created, control can be handed to anyone through a shared URL.

You can change the name, the expiration of the URL, as well as generate a passphrase or manually enter it. Once the URL is generated, you can copy it to a clipboard or open it up directly. Of course, using the URL requires the passphrase. Since we’re in Incognito Mode, we’ll need to now pair the account to Facebook. Also, if we want to use the share option again, we can create an additional URL with a different name as well as passphrase to share with someone else. Now, as you can see, we have multiple shared URLs available. Let’s go back to our regular browser window and paste in the shared URL, which will now pick up the current Facebook account I’m using.

Here, I can select a Destination, and in this case, the specific Page I want to manage. We’ll leave this Public and Save it. Now I can add a title as well as the description and Save that also. Once I select Preview, the path to Facebook is optimized and we can preview the live stream. Go Live starts the countdown for the talent. And while we don’t see that, we can go back to the Facebook page and see the live broadcast. Another option is to go back to the shared URL page and use View on Facebook to see the broadcast in a larger window. Okay. That’s it for using paired templates to start streaming to Facebook Live with ClearCaster. Oh, yeah. And don’t forget to click Stop Live in order to end your stream to Facebook. Thanks for watching. And, well, happy streaming to Facebook.


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