Streaming with Google Compute Engine click-to-deploy for Wowza Streaming Engine

So, you want to deploy your streaming workflow in a cloud environment? Here are some of the compelling reasons to do so:

  • Having the ability to scale on a dime
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest technology
  • Reducing costs by not investing in a physical infrastructure

Above all, though, you want your video and audio streams to be the highest quality possible, and you’re looking for some help from the most reliable technology in the industry. So, how do you get started?

Google is top of mind when thinking of the cloud, and we’re excited to announce that you can now click to deploy Wowza Streaming Engine software on Google Compute Engine’s powerful cloud computing infrastructure.

At Wowza we’re in the business of helping our customers succeed, and that means making streaming easier and more accessible. The availability of click-to-deploy is another stepping stone to help our users who want to deploy their streaming solutions in the cloud with Google. And of course, no matter whether you deploy Wowza Streaming Engine software locally or in the cloud, you get unlimited use of Wowza Transcoder, Wowza nDVR (network digital video recorder), and Wowza DRM.

Srikanth Belwadi, product manager at Google, weighed in on the news, saying, “We are pleased to offer Wowza Streaming Engine software as a click-to-deploy streaming solution on Google’s global infrastructure. Wowza Streaming Engine software running on Google Cloud Platform enables you to stream high-quality, live or on-demand content to users anywhere in the world from Google’s reliable network.”

“With Google Compute Engine click-to-deploy for Wowza Streaming Engine we have seen incredibly fast boot times, fast machine performance, and fast I/O performance between instances. Better yet, Google’s flexible pricing model means you don’t get charged for an entire hour for booting an instance for only 5 mins, and you get an increasing discount for 24/7 usage,” Charlie Good, CTO and Co-Founder, of Wowza Media Systems said.

Want to try it out? Click-to-deploy with Wowza Streaming Engine is a bring-your-own-license model (which means Wowza Streaming Engine usage and Google usage are billed separately), and can be used with any paid or trial Wowza Streaming Engine license.
Check out How to set up Wowza Streaming Engine for Google Compute Engine.

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