The Fastest-Growing Open-Source Streaming Project: SRT Turns 1!

The fastest-growing open-source streaming project: SRT turns 1

It’s been just over a year since Haivision and Wowza teamed up at the 2017 NAB Show to announce the founding of the SRT Alliance and the open-source availability of the SRT™ (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol.

In that time, SRT has grown tremendously, with the alliance now boasting over 100 members. At this year’s NAB show, both Haivision and Wowza discussed SRT’s growth, how it’s being used today and what the future of SRT might look like.

Enabling the delivery of secure, high-quality and low-latency video across the public internet—even over suboptimal networks—SRT is now being implemented across a diverse range of use cases. Here’s a look at how SRT has grown over the past year.

Delivering Low-Latency Streaming for All: Goals and Benefits of the SRT Alliance

In this video from the 2017 NAB Show, Peter Maag, chief marketing officer at Haivision, and Carlos Perez, chief revenue officer at Wowza, explain the goals and benefits of the SRT Alliance.

SRT Offers Low-Latency, Reliable Streaming Over Unpredictable Networks

Haivision’s 2018 NAB panel discussion brought together streaming experts from ESPN, the NFL, Microsoft, Azzurro Group and Collabora. Members of the panel discussed how they use SRT in their video workflows, as well as what they believe the future of SRT and video streaming might look like.


SRT: The Fastest-Growing Open-Source Streaming Project

During the Wowza Studio Sessions at the 2018 NAB Show, Wowza and Haivision talked about the fastest-growing open-source streaming project, SRT, which is being adopted by streaming service providers and broadcasters alike.


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