Umphrey’s McGee Fall Tour Streamed by TourGigs

TourGigs is an in-house production and distribution company that makes live concerts available to viewers on the day of or a few days afterwards. They bring the concert experience to you, when it’s convenient for you. During a time when instant access is everything, this ability to watch your favorite artist or band when and where you want is crucial.

TourGigs’ latest feature includes the Umphrey’s McGee Fall Tour. The streams will include high-quality HD camera angles and a crisp sound that will make it feel like you are live in the audience. The tour includes eleven shows, all of which will be streamed on the TourGigs website immediately following the end of each concert.

The fan base for Umphrey’s McGee is extremely loyal and will do whatever it takes to see and support the band. Having the ability to watch a favorite musician without physically attending a concert is a game changer, and allows existing fans to engage without limits and for new fans to discover music that they wouldn’t be exposed to without streaming.

Providing live or video on-demand content to the masses is something that is becoming expected within almost every industry. It only makes sense that you should be able to access music in the same form as you watch the MLB World Series on a tablet or a special report from your computer.

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