Webinar: Fast and Furious With SRT

January 21, 2019 by

Webinar: Fast and Furious With SRT


In our recent webinar, Fast and Furious With SRT, we teamed up with Haivision to discuss how content distributors can achieve low-latency streams over suboptimal networks.

Watch the recording to learn more.


Low Latency + High Quality + Security = SRT

Could it be? A video transport protocol that delivers on all three?

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is an alternative to proprietary video transport technologies designed to address the shortcomings of internet-based video contribution systems.

Packet loss. Jitter. Delay. Bandwidth issues. All can get in the way when streaming over unpredictable network conditions. Find out how this open-source protocol helps ensure a smooth playback with minimal lag.


Solve the First-Mile Challenge With SRT

Learn how you can use this game-changing technology to:

  • Take the variables out of remote event production on less-than-ideal networks
  • Ensure smooth playback with high-resolution timestamping
  • Live-stream multi-site events across the world

What’s more, our experts will cover 2019 Wowza product updates in support of SRT.



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