Webinar: WebRTC Streaming With Wowza Streaming Engine

Blog: WebRTC Streaming With Wowza Streaming Engine


In our recent webinar, we answered customers’ questions about using WebRTC in their own workflow. Find out if it’s right for your use case — watch the recording today.

WebRTC enables real-time video communications via Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This low-latency protocol works great for any application that requires real-time interactivity. And by using it with the Wowza Streaming Engine™ software, you can improve broadcast scalability.


WebRTC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tune in as our experts talk through the details of using Wowza Streaming Engine with WebRTC.  Discussion topics include supported outputs, supported ingests, performance, and more.

Hear the answers to twenty-plus questions, including:

  1. What audio and video codecs are used when in-browser encoding for WebRTC?
  2. Is transcoding necessary to get from WebRTC ingest to HLS egress?
  3. Do you recommend TCP or UDP for WebRTC? Can I switch between them on demand?

After the Q&A, we’ll show a live demo comparing the latency of WebRTC with HLS. Find out how you can work WebRTC into your streaming workflow. Watch our on-demand webinar today.


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