Wowza helps CERN celebrate 60th anniversary

September 29, 2014 marks CERN’s, European Organization for Nuclear Research, 60th anniversary as an organization and they had a celebration worth remembering. An official ceremony was held which included politicians from 35 countries all around the world to come together and honor this milestone. CERN is known for bringing scientists together from all over the globe to collaborate and research some of physics most complex and important issues and discoveries.

Wowza got to take part in this celebration as well by live streaming the official ceremony to viewers worldwide. The webcast went off without a hitch and highlighted the past six decades of CERN’s “60 years of science for peace”. CERN is one of Wowza Media Systems most innovative customers, and consistently works with Wowza Streaming Engine to share some of its most exciting content.

Wowza was very excited to be involved in this momentous day with CERN and look forward to what the future may hold for CERN.

For more information about the 60th Anniversary celebration and CERN, click here.

In addition to September 29th being a big anniversary for CERN, they were also awarded a Guinness World Record for “the first proof of the existence of a Higgs boson”. This is truly a remarkable discovery!

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