Wowza Hits Colossal New Milestone with Reality VR

The world is an ever-growing place. Just keeping up with the constant change has become a full-time job. With new and exciting technology coming out every day, Wowza is committed not only to staying current on trends, but remaining an industry leader by creating innovative and visionary new products. It is with this spirit that Wowza is proud to announce Reality VR™.

Reality VR™ is brand-new way to see, experience, and be a part of the world around you, without the hassle of needing to leave your home or office! By providing live streams of everyday life, we’re giving everyone the opportunity to virtually experience day-to-day reality like waiting at the DMV, getting in an argument with a significant other, mowing the lawn, doing your taxes, washing the dishes, cleaning up after your pet, sitting in traffic, and hundreds more!

By combining our powerful video-streaming technology with our Reality VR™ drones (patent pending), we’re able to deliver high-quality live streams of normal, everyday activities straight to your virtual reality headset! Simply download the Reality VR app (available on all smartphones), select the reality you’d like to experience, then lean back and enjoy all that reality has to offer!

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