Announcing: Wowza’s Integration With Fastly


We’ve recently partnered with Fastly to deliver advanced stream analytics and high-speed content delivery to Wowza Streaming Cloud customers. This integration will enable near real-time visibility into bandwidth consumption, the number of viewers, and regional metrics — allowing content distributors to understand their audience better and react to problems quicker.

When it comes to live streaming, broadcasters have one chance to get it right. Today’s viewers won’t give feedback when video quality or availability is lacking. They’ll simply tune out. Many streaming service providers are moving toward the broadcast model of offering real-time video and viewer analytics, thereby using data as the voice box of end-users. 

“Having good observability is a critical part of ensuring quality of experience when streaming a live event,” says Lee Chen, Fastly’s head of streaming media and cloud. “That means visibility across an entire streaming stack, which is uniquely able to help you monitor, identify issues and gather more details so you can react faster during a live broadcast. That kind of observability is incredibly valuable, and our partnership with Wowza enables those insights into viewership and exposes critical last-mile performance data in Fastly’s real-time logging.”

As a leading solution in live streaming, Fastly edge cloud platform will serve as the foundation for advanced analytics, emerging low-latency technologies, and edge-compute capabilities that bring real-time processing and decision-making closer to the user. Our partnership with Fastly is part of a long-term commitment to providing customers with intelligent diagnostics and robust analytics.

With more than a decade of experience deploying more than 38,000 streaming implementations, Wowza’s full-service platform is the gold standard for live streaming technology.

“Wowza isn’t just a server, it’s an entire video platform,” explains streaming video expert Dan Rayburn. “And they’re offering an end-to-end platform because it gives broadcasters a better understanding of what’s happening to the video workflow, from ingestion to delivery.”

Ready to stream to Wowza CDN on Fastly? Check out our docs to get started.


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