Announcing: Wowza Professional Services

Announcing: Wowza Professional Services


Adding live video to products and services is a complex task. Making it work across platforms, at scale, with the reliability required for your best customers takes skills and experience.

Wowza is the go-to provider for tens of thousands of organizations that have incorporated live streaming into their business strategy. We strive to make streaming technology accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. As an extension of this effort, we’re excited to now offer Wowza Professional Services.

With twelve years of experience pushing the boundaries of live streaming, we’re uniquely positioned to put it to work for organizations far and wide. Our engineers are eager to jump in and help you achieve your goals — no matter your industry or use case.

More than 35,000 organizations have powered their streaming with Wowza. From live commerce and real-time auctions to traffic cams and connected medical devices, streaming helps enhance these organizations’ ability to compete and engage.

Streaming also involves a lot of moving parts. Luckily, our in-house experts know how to make it easier, better, and more powerful. We’re extending this knowledge by offering Wowza Professional Services.

With expertise designing the most reliable solutions possible, we’ll give you the tools to bring your project to life. Wowza Professional Services is designed to accelerate time to value, advance business quickly, and ultimately, help you realize business success.

Our goal is simple: make everyone successful at what they do.

Gain the confidence needed to tackle your streaming project. Get started today with Wowza Professional Services.


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About Dave Stubenvoll

David Stubenvoll is a streaming-industry veteran, launching Wowza Media Systems with Charlie Good to fill a stark void in the industry: the lack of flexible, robust media server software on which to build reliable streaming. Wowza is Dave’s fifth new business venture, having previously served as entrepreneur in residence at Adobe Systems and as CEO/cofounder of Freeworks. Dave has also held senior positions at Intuit and served as president of GALT Technologies (an Intuit subsidiary).