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David Stubenvoll is a streaming-industry veteran, launching Wowza Media Systems with Charlie Good to fill a stark void in the industry: the lack of flexible, robust media server software on which to build reliable streaming. Wowza is Dave’s fifth new business venture, having previously served as entrepreneur in residence at Adobe Systems and as CEO/cofounder of Freeworks. Dave has also held senior positions at Intuit and served
as president of GALT Technologies (an Intuit subsidiary).

Announcing: Wowza Acquires Flowplayer 

September 6, 2022

  I’m delighted to announce Wowza’s acquisition of Flowplayer, marking another milestone in our 15-year track record of business innovation.   Flowplayer is a video player solution based in Sweden that delivers responsive playback, a…

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Announcing: Wowza’s Partnership With Clearhaven Partners

June 10, 2021

  Innovation has been a constant at Wowza since we founded the company in 2007. It’s in this spirit that I’m excited to announce our partnership with Clearhaven Partners, a private equity investment firm focused…

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COVID-19 Update: Live Streaming Resources for Business Continuity

March 18, 2020

Updated February 24, 2021     It’s rare that an event is experienced on such a global scale as the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency. We recognize that our partners, customers, employees, and communities have…

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Announcing: Wowza Professional Services

June 13, 2019

  Adding live video to products and services is a complex task. Making it work across platforms, at scale, with the reliability required for your best customers takes skills and experience. Wowza is the go-to…

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Don’t Forget About Online Radio (Video Blog)

April 19, 2016

When it comes to streaming, video streaming has stolen the spotlight. It's important to not forget about online radio and audio streaming. Take a look at CEO David Stubenvoll's thoughts on online radio and how it shouldn't be left out of the news.

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Wowza Media Systems named as People’s Choice Winner in Next Up Awards

June 22, 2015

It’s awesome to be recognized by our peers! The Boulder and Denver Software Clubs recently named Wowza the 2015 People’s Choice winner in the Pitchers category (made up of companies with more than 50 employees on LinkedIn), plus awarded us with second place in the Judge’s Choice contest. These awards are especially meaningful because we're in business to help others succeed; we're overjoyed at the voters' message that we're on the right track. 

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Wowza Streaming Cloud Is Here!

April 13, 2015

Charlie and I got into the streaming business because people needed a media server that was reliable, extensible, and built and supported by people who cared. We started with a server software product, and it quickly grew into the first platform-agnostic server able to deliver video to any device. And now I'm thrilled to announce our latest endeavor: Wowza Streaming Cloud, an end-to-end streaming service built upon our powerful software.

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The Beginning of the End

October 16, 2014

Cable may not be dead, but it certainly looks terminal. HBO announced a standalone streaming service to begin in 2015. HBO GO without a cable subscription.

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Farewell to JustinTV, Hello Twitch

August 18, 2014

We bid a sad farewell to JustinTV and a huge congratulations to the team for Twitch. 

JustinTV changed content on the web. As Justin Kan decided to broadcast his life 24/7, it changed the nature of video on the web, created an enormous PR explosion and took on tons of technical challenges.

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Wowza Streaming Engine: a New Driving Force in the Future of Video Delivery

February 11, 2014

Over the past seven years, Wowza Media Server has set the industry standard for live and VOD streaming technology. And, while it has technically been just that—server software—it has evolved into much more, quite literally becoming the engine that powers high-quality content delivery to any audience on any device for customers in more than 150 countries around the world. Welcome to the new era in streaming technology. Welcome to Wowza Streaming Engine.

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Future of Social TV: Experimentation

November 7, 2013

Finally, the future of social TV is experimentation.

As we’ve seen over the past year, experimentation will continue to be the defining force of social TV in the near future. Producers and broadcasters will undoubtedly explore new technologies and opportunities in order to leverage this reimagined phenomenon and to engage audiences…

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Future of Social TV: Engaging Fans on the Second Screen

November 6, 2013

Here's part 4 of the Future of Social TV predictions: Engaging Fans on the Second Screen

Even as social engagement has become an increasingly important aspect of audience value, most of these interactions currently take place around or about the show, as opposed to being tied directly to it…

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