COVID-19 Update: Live Streaming Resources for Business Continuity

COVID-19 Update: Live Streaming Resources for Business Continuity
Updated February 24, 2021    

It’s rare that an event is experienced on such a global scale as the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency. We recognize that our partners, customers, employees, and communities have all been impacted — and want to assure you of our support. Wowza remains fully operational and committed to delivering the most reliable live video streaming solutions on the market to our customers. 

What we lack in predictability at this time, we can all make up for in transparency and resiliency. For that reason, we’ve compiled resources and information about the steps Wowza is taking to ensure our customers’ success.


Streaming Resources to Adapt to Changing Needs

Based on trending topics and feedback from our customers, the list below provides resources for anyone looking to find a way forward with live streaming. We’re also continuing to create additional material to address your needs.


Live Streaming 101:

COVID-19 Solutions:

How To:

Facebook Live:

Case Studies:


Employee Safety and Business Continuity

We’ve temporarily closed down our offices and transitioned to a 100% remote workforce. We admire the efforts being made across the globe to contain this viral pandemic and will continue to follow the guidance provided by public health officials. Despite any changes to the daily commute, Wowza’s virtual doors are open and our commitment to customers holds strong. We will publish any necessary updates on our blog and to the System Status page.


24/7 Support and Real-Time Monitoring

Customers will continue to benefit from the ability to monitor near-real-time performance and health metrics for their broadcasts. Our support engineers stand ready to provide individualized technical assistance worldwide and we’ve amped up support within the community forums to address timely issues. We also encourage customers and prospects to reach out to Wowza Professional Services for expert guidance on specific streaming projects. 


Wowza’s Commitment to Solving Customer Challenges

The concept of remote is integral to Wowza. We founded the company as a dispersed team, and today, Wowza’s employee base spans several continents. Our experts have spent the last decade helping customers leverage the power of video to connect with end users across the hall and around the globe.

Adapting to today’s edict of social distancing requires combining the right technology with a remote-friendly strategy. For any organization ready to put this mental shift to practice, Wowza is eager to help.

Live streaming is as versatile as it is liberating. Whether you’re an educator struggling to reach quarantined students or a religious organization hoping to stream services to a virtual congregation, more than 35,000 organizations have relied on Wowza’s full-service streaming platform for global communication and business continuity. We look forward to powering all of the innovative ways that businesses will solve for this ongoing crisis with live video — ranging from smart city infrastructure to mission-critical medical streaming technology

While things certainly feel precarious right now, our focus on solving customer challenges remains steadfast. Wowza has the technology to support today’s unexpected reality. And even once the coronavirus has come and gone, we wouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves in a decidedly more virtual world. 

While we may be physically separate, we’re in this together. So please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help. 


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