Wowza Streaming Cloud Is Here!

Charlie and I got into the streaming business because people needed a media server that was reliable, extensible, and built and supported by people who cared. We started with a server software product, and it quickly grew into the first platform-agnostic server able to deliver video to any device. And now I'm thrilled to announce our latest endeavor: Wowza Streaming Cloud, an end-to-end streaming service built upon our powerful software.

What I love about Wowza Streaming Cloud is that while we've simplified the end-to-end streaming workflow so it's more approachable for new users, we've kept the nerd knobs for veteran streamers. You can opt to use just the transcoding feature or the CDN or—currently in preview mode—build other applications on top of the cloud service through rich APIs. Also in the works is a dedicated set of tools for audio-only streaming to make that easier than it's ever been before.

Other awesome stuff includes a white-labeled player and hosted web page if you want to go that route, and pay-as-you-go pricing: if you're streaming sporadically, there's no reason to pay for ongoing services in between events.

Wowza has been powering major video and audio solutions for years, and we're so happy to bring that to the cloud. Give Wowza Streaming Cloud a try and let us know how it's enabling your streaming projects.

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About Dave Stubenvoll

David Stubenvoll is a streaming-industry veteran, launching Wowza Media Systems with Charlie Good to fill a stark void in the industry: the lack of flexible, robust media server software on which to build reliable streaming. Wowza is Dave’s fifth new business venture, having previously served as entrepreneur in residence at Adobe Systems and as CEO/cofounder of Freeworks. Dave has also held senior positions at Intuit and served as president of GALT Technologies (an Intuit subsidiary).