Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API, geo-blocking, closed captions support and more

February 11, 2016 by

We’re very excited to announce that the Wowza Streaming Cloud service launched several powerful new features, including:

REST API public preview

The Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API preview release is now public! The REST API allows you to programmatically configure, monitor, and manage the Wowza Streaming Cloud service.

For access, within the Wowza Streaming Cloud interface, click your email address in the menu bar and choose API Access. For more information, visit the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API page in our forum.


The Wowza Streaming Cloud service allows you to decide the countries and regions where your stream can be played. By default streams are available worldwide, but you can limit viewing by using the geoblocking feature.

Geoblocking allows you to specify where provisioned stream targets are accessible so that you can control where your stream can be watched. For more information, see How to control the locations where your stream can be viewed.

Closed captioning

Include closed captions in your live streams. Wowza Streaming Cloud now supports CEA-608 closed captions (in digital format) and Action Message Format (AMF) onTextData closed captions that are embedded in your source stream, so closed captions can be made available for playback in Apple HLS and Adobe HDS streams. Select the caption format on the Video Source and Transcoder page of the live stream creation wizard.

Support for Akamai HLS stream targets

Custom stream targets now support Akamai HLS Push, allowing you to send live streams to Akamai for delivery to HLS clients.

For more information, see How to create a custom transcoder with many outputs and targets

RTSP playback troubleshooting

Troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback by configuring a new set of advanced properties. The new Protocol tab on the transcoder detail page provides a number of advanced properties that you can use to address audio/video synchronization, improve decoding, and validate connections.

New 24×7 and passthrough location

The Wowza Streaming Cloud service now offers a broadcast location in South Carolina. The location supports 24×7 and passthrough transcoding as well as adaptive bitrate streaming. To use it, choose US East (S. Carolina) in the live stream creation wizard. For more information, see Wowza Streaming Cloud broadcast location features and addresses.