Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.2 has been released!

It’s time for another release of Wowza Streaming Engine software! This version is packed full of innovative new features. Our philosophy is to write solid code and release often. Sometimes our releases are small, with just a few enhancements or fixes, and other times they include industry-changing breakthroughs—or at least we hope so. The Wowza Streaming Engine engineering team has been hard at work since our last release and we are very excited to share with you what is available in version 4.2.

The highlights:

  • Stream targets. Configuring Wowza Streaming Engine as an origin for distributed live streaming content has never been easier. You can now intuitively configure this popular live streaming feature through Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and the REST API, in addition to the traditional method of using XML and the “map” text file.
  • Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) for Axis and Sony IP cameras. Configuration of your live streaming content sources now includes visual control of what you see through Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and the REST API. Control the camera from your computer to get exactly the shot you want.
  • User-interface layout and terminology updates. Consistency is critical, especially for our customers who use both Wowza Streaming Engine software and the Wowza Streaming Cloud service. Users of both the software and the service will see updates to text and layout in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to align with Wowza Streaming Cloud. You can also expect continuous innovation in the user interfaces with every new release.
  • Transcoder enhancements. We love Wowza Transcoder and all the ways customers are using it, so we’re always thinking about innovations to ensure it remains the best transcoding offering on the market. Updates in the 4.2 release include general SDK updates, core work for video and audio codec additions, and a preview of WebM over MPEG-DASH for live streaming content. (The latter enables new codec support for use with MPEG-DASH.)
  • New installer technology. We’re changing vendors for our software installer technology, which means greater consistency and reliability. In addition, this technology allows for “silent” installations (when pre-approved by the Wowza Sales team) across all operating systems, including the option to use native RPM/DEB Linux packages. Java will also now be installed automatically for added convenience.

Read about everything that is included in version 4.2.

As always,

Remember, an active Maintenance and Support contract is required to access the latest updates. This is included with active subscriptions and may be purchased for perpetual licenses.

Take a look at our CEO, David Stubenvoll’s thoughts on the release.

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