Wowza’s Significant Other & Couple of Cool Announcements

A big Hello! to the streaming media ecosystem out there. For those of you I haven’t yet met, I’m Carlos and I’m heading up business development here at Wowza Media Systems. 

At Wowza, our partner relationships and compatibility with organizations across the streaming media workflow are incredibly important, vital in fact. Because Wowza Media Server is the engine at the center of the streaming workflow, we value our partners on either side of us.

You can quickly see that if you focus on your end customer’s success (which is #1 at Wowza), though recognize you are not going to attempt to be the end-to-end solution for all segments/customers (crazy talk), then you, like Wowza, will realize that we are inter-dependent. Our workflow partners are, without a doubt, Wowza’s ‘significant others’. Add to the mix that streaming media continues to change and evolve, and you have a recipe for lots of engagement.

This week Wowza is attending Streaming Media West, and there we announced a couple of exciting ecosystem related partnerships. First, we announced that Wowza has built in the latest and greatest Intel Media SDK with Wowza Media Server. We are excited to be the first media server to incorporate this new capability and know that this combination will drive improved hardware performance and efficiency for customers. 

Second, we announced Wowza CDN Connection with our longtime partner and customer Mirror Image. Customers for years have asked us for a ‘Wowza enabled CDN’ as their audiences scaled and grew geographically. We are pleased to provide a single vendor solution that is easy to deploy and delivers a competitive CDN to our broad set of customers.

We are always interested in understanding how we can work with partners to better serve the end customer. If you have ideas or would like to talk, please reach out ( or if you are at SMW, let’s connect.

I look forward to engaging more over the coming months.

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