5 Easy Steps to Professional Facebook Live Streaming

October 2, 2017 by

Wowza ClearCaster

Whether it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or your neighbor’s pet, everyone is streaming to Facebook Live. But it’s not just for celebrities and housecats—major media networks, content producers and streaming professionals of all backgrounds are now broadcasting to Facebook Live, and viewership on the platform is exploding in growth.

However, the advanced production workflows used by streaming professionals don’t always integrate well with the platform. In a recent survey on Facebook Live usage, we found that 76 percent of streaming-video professionals are experiencing connection and playback errors, and that many struggle with equipment, setup and integration.

Streaming to Facebook Live needs to be seamless for broadcasters, professional streamers and on-screen talent alike to integrate into their existing production workflows. And now we have a solution: the Wowza ClearCasterTM appliance. Purpose-built in collaboration with Facebook, ClearCaster is both professional and easy to use, providing unmatched stream reliability for successful broadcasts and engaging conversations.


Start Facebook Live Video Streaming in Five Easy Steps

Initial setup for the Wowza ClearCaster couldn’t be easier. In less than three minutes, you can follow these five simple steps to start broadcasting to massive audiences around the world:

  1. Plug in.
  2. Power up.
  3. Register.
  4. Pair with Facebook.
  5. Start a live stream.

This video demonstrates how ClearCaster is both the best and simplest path to start streaming on Facebook Live; just plug it in, and we’ll handle the rest.


Go Live on Facebook in Seconds

After you’ve performed the initial setup, starting new live-streams with the Wowza ClearCaster takes only seconds. It stays connected to the Facebook platform, so you don’t have to set up again and again.

What’s more, the ClearCaster auto-configures all the necessary settings based on your use case. It adjusts to meet Facebook Live’s specific streaming requirements, so there’s no need to manually experiment with the settings you think will work best.

In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to create a new stream:


Full Video Transcriptions


Start Facebook Live Video Streaming in Five Easy Steps

Justin Miller:

Ready to stream to Facebook Live with professional equipment? Let’s take a look at installing Wowza ClearCaster.

This requires only four inputs: an AC plug for power; Ethernet connection for internet access; HDMI monitor cable for a Talent View; and an SDI or HDMI input to connect all your studio equipment via one cable. That’s it.

Power up ClearCaster, and in less than a minute, you’ll be up and running—ready to broadcast your first stream to Facebook Live. Make streaming to Facebook Live easy with Wowza ClearCaster.


Go Live on Facebook in Seconds

Justin Miller:

Streaming to Facebook Live using Wowza ClearCaster is easy. Whenever ClearCaster boots up—which should take under a minute—you’ll see a pairing code. You’ll need to pair with your Facebook account each time ClearCaster boots at facebook.com/device.

Once you’ve paired, you’ll be able to stream live by going to facebook.com/live/create. Start by clicking the blue button, “Create Live Stream.” You can share directly on your timeline—or, from the dropdown, select other options, such as a page you manage.

Next, add comments to your post, as well as a video title for the recording. Under the Encoder, select “Wowza ClearCaster.” Once the video stream preview loads, you’re ready to “Go Live.”

From your Talent View, you’ll see a preview of your stream, with audio levels and your current status. Before you go live, your Talent View will show a three-second countdown to the start of your live stream.

Just like the live feed in Facebook, you’ll see, from Talent View, information such as how long you’ve been live; how many eyes are watching; you’ll be able to see comments from viewers, so you can respond immediately; and you’ll even see emojis float across the screen from viewer reactions.

When you’re done, end the stream through Facebook. To start another stream, head back to facebook.com/live/create. There's no need re re-pair with Facebook.

Make streaming to Facebook Live easy with Wowza ClearCaster.


Ready for an easier way to stream professional-quality broadcasts to Facebook Live? Learn more about Wowza ClearCaster, or sign up for a personalized demo today!