Announcing WebRTC Egress with Wowza Streaming Cloud

November 2, 2020 by

When low latency is critical, use Wowza Streaming Cloud’s premium WebRTC Egress feature to deliver your streams in near real time. 


WebRTC Input and Output

Immersive interactive experiences require the fastest stream possible. WebRTC Egress allows you to ingest WebRTC and deliver it in the same format for live streaming with less than 1 second of latency. If you’re streaming to fewer than 300 viewers, you can encode and decode directly in the native browser, minimizing your glass-to-glass delay and accelerating delivery.


Non-WebRTC Input and WebRTC Output

For use cases that require encoding outside the browser, directly ingest non-WebRTC streams and playback with WebRTC. Stream from IP cameras, mobile devices, or professional encoders; convert your stream to WebRTC; and display your content to end users with low latency. Flexible publishing from any source with simple browser-based playback is now achievable with WebRTC Egress.


How To Get Started

Ready to deliver your streams in near real time? Sign up for a Wowza Streaming Cloud 30-day trial, and try WebRTC Egress for free.

If you’re already a Wowza Streaming Cloud customerplease contact Wowza Customer Success to have WebRTC Egress enabled in your account.


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