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Based in Denver, CO, Brittney Dougherty is a digital marketer at Wowza in charge of SEO and website updates. She has eight years of experience in B2B writing and research. She is known to frequently nerd out about marketing, gaming, Sci-Fi, and hiking.

How to Choose a Cloud Video Streaming Platform

May 13, 2022

  What Is Cloud Streaming? Cloud streaming refers to streaming services and software that work without an on-premise server. It has become somewhat of an outdated term, so most people in the streaming industry have…

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Ultra Low Latency: What It Means for Video Streaming

February 17, 2022

  Latency is a widely used term these days. You’ll see latency and low latency pop up in relation to computers, including everything from data center networking to retail graphics cards. The quick and dirty…

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Test Players in 2022: RTMP, HLS, and More

January 26, 2022

  Wowza has offered our free test player tool for close to ten years. It’s historically been one of our most popular pages with thousands of tests conducted each month. We’re happy that so many…

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Top Webinars of 2021

December 29, 2021

  We’re finishing up year two of pandemic life and most events and presentations have remained virtual. Like the other changes we’ve made to adjust to this new normal, webinars have gotten a little old.…

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Top Videos of 2020

December 28, 2020

  As 2020 finally comes to a close, we’ve put together a list of our most watched videos. Scroll down and tune in to the five most popular videos we created this year.   How…

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Real-Time Captioning: What It Is and Why You Need It

December 17, 2020

What Is Real-Time Captioning?   Captions are words displayed on the screen in conjunction with video content. It’s possible that you’ve turned them on at some point while watching Netflix or another streaming service. Real-time…

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8 Ways To Approach Live Streaming Monetization

November 17, 2020

  Live streaming monetization comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some would be considered classic, such as advertising. Others, such as live commerce, are still emerging methods. Whether you’re an individual streamer, a…

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What Is Real-Time Communication?

October 14, 2020

  Real-time communication (RTC) encompasses a broad collection of tools and services that allow us to — you guessed it — communicate in real time. Essentially, real-time communication is live communication via any type of…

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