Top Videos of 2020


As 2020 finally comes to a close, we’ve put together a list of our most watched videos. Scroll down and tune in to the five most popular videos we created this year.


How to Install Wowza Streaming Engine and Run Your First Live Video Stream


Using only Wowza Streaming Engine, VLC media player, and OBS Studio, you can start broadcasting a live video stream within about 10 minutes. This video walks you through the process step by step to help you get up and running smoothly. In this video, Wowza’s Justin Miller is using OSX, so keep that in mind if you’re using a different operating system.

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Connect an RTMP Encoder to Wowza Streaming Engine


RTMP still reigns supreme as the de facto protocol for live streaming from an encoder. You may encounter compatibility issues, however, when it comes to playback on popular browsers and devices. This video will show you how to connect an RTMP encoder—in this case, OBS Studio—to Wowza Streaming Engine so that you can repackage your stream into other protocols to reach a wider audience.

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Wowza Streaming Engine Manager Basics and Live Stream Set Up


If you’re one of the many people who watched the previous two videos, you’ve probably mastered setting up a live stream with Wowza Streaming Engine. You’ll want to take your skills to the next level with this tutorial on Wowza Streaming Engine Manager. This tool helps you manage, configure, and monitor your media server software from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

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Wowza Streaming Cloud: Getting Started


This list wouldn’t be complete without a video tutorial on Wowza Streaming Cloud. This time, Justin is using OBS Studio and THEOPlayer to play back his live stream on a webpage. Because this is a managed service, you’ll be able to start streaming globally at any scale with only minimal setup and configuration.

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Live Stream From Your Browser to the World With WebRTC


This year, Wowza worked hard to provide more WebRTC support and capabilities to both Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine. This video focuses on how to start broadcasting to audiences of any size—even up to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers. This simple workflow is easy to follow and gets you started in minutes.

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