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Whether you’re broadcasting to hundreds of viewers or hundreds of thousands, the Wowza Streaming Cloud WebRTC workflow makes it easy to stream directly from your browser. In this video, Justin shows how to capture a live video and distribute it to audiences of any size. Our enhanced end-to-end workflow makes the entire process possible in just a few clicks.

Full Video Transcript:Justin Miller:

Hi, I’m Justin Miller from Wowza Media Systems, and if you’re looking to stream directly from your computer to hundreds, maybe hundreds of thousands of people, this is the easiest and quickest way to do it, and I’m going to show you how right now using Wowza Streaming Cloud.

And once you have a Wowza Streaming Cloud account, you’re going to want to create a live stream. So I’m going to click Add Live Stream right here, and I’m going to call it, I’ll just say it’s my personal stream. And now that I have my personal stream, I need to define where I’m streaming from, and that is going to be US West.

Then I can choose the encoder I’m going to use, and I’m going to do this all from within my browser, so I’m going to choose WebRTC, or Other WebRTC as it’s listed. I can also choose an aspect ratio, and if you have equipment that does 1080p or 4K, great, you can select that. My camera only does 720p that is connected to the computer right now, so I’m going to just leave it alone.

I’m going to click Next again, and the rest of this I can just jump right through. I don’t really need to make any changes. I could choose to change it later if I wanted, but what I’m going to do now is I am going to Start Live Stream. So let’s start up an instance of Wowza Streaming Cloud right now, and this does take a minute or so to load. Oftentimes it’s shorter than that.

And once it’s ready to go, we’ll have these options here. A publish page and a hosted page. So if I go to the publish page right here, this is my publish page. Hey. How’s it going everyone? From here, I can go in and select, let’s say, what equipment I’m going to use for my audio, and over here on the right side, I can select what camera I might be using, such as my camera connected to my computer.

If I were to go up here to Settings, I could even go in and change the resolution. But like I said, this camera is only capable of 720p, so I’m going to leave that alone right now. And now I can click Publish, and we are streaming out. If I go back to Wowza Streaming Cloud, I can test this by verifying that a video thumbnail, which gets refreshed every five seconds, pops up. That is not the greatest photo of me.

And now I can go up to the Hosted Page URL, and if I click on that I can see my stream live right now. All right. Looking pretty good. If you wanted to host it somewhere else besides the page that we create for you like this, you can go down and you can grab the Player Embed Code that we have right here and copy that onto another page. You could also choose to share this HLS link if you wanted people to just see it on their mobile devices.

Some other options you have, and before I show you them, I’m actually going to go in and I’m going to end this live stream. So I’m going to go in, and first I’m going to stop it in the WebRTC published page, and then as you can see, it’s not detecting video anymore there, so I can stop the live stream here. But should I choose to want to stream to other places beyond the ones I’ve just shown you, I can actually go here under Advanced to Transcoders.

And taking my personal stream transcoder, I can go to Outputs & Targets and I can add additional targets, such as Facebook Live, or if you want to stream to let’s say YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, Twitch, Periscope, you would go under Custom here. And under custom, all of the ones that I’ve just mentioned except RTMP or RTMPS. So really, all you need to do is you might want to name it so people know that this is for … well not people, you specifically know it’s for YouTube, and then you can just enter the primary URL, backup URL, and the stream name they give you. You don’t actually need to have any of the rest of this information.

So just something to think about, guys. As you can see, we were able to do that very quickly, and once you’ve set this all up and have saved it, you can then go back to your live streams. And I’m just going to go right to the front of the website there. And once you start it up again, you can then go and make it stream to those other places like YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook. Facebook will start it up automatically, but with places like YouTube or Vimeo or Periscope, you do have to go to their site and actually start the stream. Just something to think about.

All right, thanks for watching and happy streaming.


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