Top Webinars of 2021

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We’re finishing up year two of pandemic life and most events and presentations have remained virtual. Like the other changes we’ve made to adjust to this new normal, webinars have gotten a little old. However, they are just as useful and informative as they were in 2020 when they were trendy.

If you skipped out on webinars this year, you should at least tune in to one of these three. They are the most popular and engaging webinars we hosted in 2021.


Tackling Virtual and Hybrid Live Event Streaming


Hybrid events emerged in early 2021 and are likely here to stay. This webinar answers all your questions about virtual and hybrid event streaming. You’ll learn suggestions for hybrid event success including details on security, monetization, and scaling your event while keeping costs low. VP of Solutions Engineering Barry Owen and Senior Sales Engineer Brian Ellis joined Content Marketing Manager Traci Ruether for an in-depth Q&A. 


Deliver Live Interactivity With Real-Time Streaming at Scale


We launched a new feature in late 2021 that delivers real-time streaming to a viral audience for Wowza Streaming Cloud. Use this feature to scale up to a million viewers while maintaining sub-500ms latency. This webinar goes over the details of Wowza Real-Time Streaming at Scale — from how it works to a step-by-step tutorial for setting it up. You’ll also see a live demo showing just how “real-time” it is.


Smarter About Security in 2021 and Why DRM Is Top of Mind


If you’re concerned about cyber security, piracy, and digital rights management (DRM), you are not alone. Businesses in all industries have had to prioritize security as digital piracy has increased during the pandemic. Content creators, specifically, need to protect their service and revenue streams. Wowza teamed up with EZDRM and Magycal to walk through leveraging DRM technology using Wowza Streaming Cloud and EZDRM.


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