Webinar: Deliver Live Interactivity With Real-Time Streaming at Scale

October 18, 2021 by

Did you know that the majority of streaming content distributors are aiming to achieve real-time delivery to audiences of 300+ viewers in the near future? 

Real-Time Streaming at Scale for Wowza Streaming Cloud answers this need — allowing broadcasters to create live streaming events that can instantly scale to a viral audience. This brand-new feature enables the sub-500ms streaming necessary for interactive experiences like auctions, esports, gambling, user-generated fan applications, and one-to-many training.

In this recorded webinar, we cover Wowza Real-Time Streaming at Scale in expert-level detail. Viewers will discover how to deliver real-time video to a million viewers on demand, as well as insights on how to deliver a smooth viewing experience that users can interact with. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How recent industry trends gathered in our 2021 Video Streaming Latency Report informed the development of this new feature.
  • How to reliably deliver sub-500ms live interactive streaming globally with Wowza Streaming Cloud.
  • How to scale up to a million viewers with on-demand availability, and the recommended workflows for achieving this.
  • How to deliver assurance that your audience will have a smooth experience from the moment they join your stream.

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For a deep dive into research that informed this new product development, check out our 2021 Video Streaming Latency Report.

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