Auction Live Streaming

Reliable, low-latency streaming to reach bidders around the world.

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Why Live Stream Your Auctions?

Live online auctions open up avenues for increased participation, real-time interactivity, and higher sales prices.

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Gain the Best Consignments

A large and engaged bidder pool translates to maximum value for each item sold and more unique, desirable items for auction houses.

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Attract New Bidders and Sellers

Live streaming opens up the bidding pool to those unable to physically attend, reaching participants with varying interests and geographical constraints.

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Remain Relevant in a Changing World

Between COVID-19 and evolving consumer habits, moving online enables auction houses to reach every demographic in today’s digital-first world.

The Wowza Solution for Live Online Auctions

Wowza’s proven live streaming technology unlocks value for auction houses and online marketplaces serving all industries.

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Near Real-Time Latency

Support for low-latency protocols — including WebRTC, Apple Low-Latency HLS, and SRT — powers viewing in near real time, so no online bidder is left behind.

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Reach Global Audiences of Any Size, Anywhere

Flexible workflow models can attract widespread online attendance by supporting both active and passive viewers on a large scale.

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Stream to Any Device, Over Any Network

By transcoding and repackaging the source stream, auction houses can deliver the best possible online viewing experience — no matter the connection or device.

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Live Streaming Auctions With Wowza

Wowza technology integrates with encoding and browser-based sources to deliver near-real-time streaming — ensuring that in-person and online bidding occurs simultaneously.

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* Recommended for up to 300 active participants

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* Recommended for more than 300 active participants


Convert streams with encoders on-site or from your browser.

  • Ensure the highest quality and manage an entire fleet of hardware encoders from the cloud with Wowza Clearcaster.
  • Alternatively, encode directly from your browser using WebRTC.


Reach audiences of any size, in any geographical location.

  • Flexible workflow options allow content to be processed and delivered to audiences of varying size and levels of participation.
  • Stream to multiple platforms to reach audiences wherever they watch.


Deliver streams to any device, over any network.

  • Using a variety of protocols, deliver the best possible stream for a wide array of devices and networks.
  • Available protocols include WebRTC, HLS, and Low-Latency HLS.

Auction Live Streaming Industries

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Fine Art

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Luxury Goods & Jewelry

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Memorabilia & Collectibles

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