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Interactive Live Streaming Solutions


Interactive Live Streaming Solutions

Boost audience engagement with live interactive experiences

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Live Video Streaming For Every Use Case

Wowza’s products and solutions are built to power high-quality, reliable live streaming for every use case and industry.

Low Latency

Low Latency

Deliver reliable, lightning-fast streams that allow viewers to directly influence content in real time.

Immersive Interactive Experiences

Immersive Interactive Experiences

Configure unique streaming environments by seamlessly synchronizing timed metadata, chat functionality, and two-way live video.

Any-Device Streaming

Any-Device Streaming

Optimize your content for participants across any device, anywhere — while providing the speed and quality required for real-time interactions.

Industries Benefiting The Most From Our Solutions



Successful auction live streaming requires you to combine real-time interactivity, community participation, and the closest possible experience to “being there”.



Stream to any-size audience, anywhere by leveraging cross-platform capabilities and allowing broadcasts from multiple points of view.

Medical Equipment


Bring the casino to your viewers living rooms by creating virtual gambling environments centered around live sports betting and popular casino games.

Live Streaming

Interactive Live Streaming

From live trivia to real-time auctions, video is a proven way to lure in users. But across all types of interactive live streaming, one thing remains true: minimizing latency is a must. Wowza’s interactive live streaming solutions answer this need for providers in industries ranging from fitness to e-commerce.

Live streaming has become an intuitive way for consumers to interact, contribute, and purchase. By delivering interactive video experiences, today’s organizations are able to reach viewers on their own terms.

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“Up until now, immersive interactive fitness was a niche space with needs that were not serviced by any existing solutions. Wowza enabled us to finely customize our live stream offering to be a glove fit for the unique needs of our user base.”

Sarah Han,
Co-Founder, MixPose

“With Wowza, We’re now able to offer interactive video with less than a second of latency, allowing end users to chat and interact in real time — regardless of whether 500 or 1,000 viewers are watching.”

Karteek Routh,
Director of Operations and Product Development, DocTutorials

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