Three Use Cases for Secure and Reliable Live Streaming


Live events are one of the most apparent reasons for today’s companies to ‘go live.’ And whether it’s an instantly sold-out reunion concert, the sporting event of the year, or a breakthrough in space exploration, Wowza’s technology makes it happen.

But streaming opportunities don’t stop there. Many companies are incorporating live video into their products and services to drive innovation. Examples include surveillance streaming devices such as drones and service-oriented applications like virtual doctor visits.

In this video, Justin Miller sits down with Chris Cross, Wowza’s senior director of professional services, to discuss a few of the ways Wowza’s customers are putting streaming to work for their businesses. In the three use cases discussed — ranging from space exploration to telemedicine — reliability and security are essential.


Space Exploration

The 1969 moon landing lives on as the most iconic event in television history. And today, live video transmission continues to power space exploration in a number of ways.

NASA built Wowza into their reliable, secure streaming infrastructure. For NASA, Wowza delivers video from the international space station to both internal researchers and the public. This allows NASA to effectively manage who has access to confidential streams and easily broadcast streams intended for the general public. Our flexible technology helps ensure this versatility, and our proven stability gives NASA the peace of mind required when broadcasting from space.

Also in the space exploration realm, SpaceX relies on Wowza for different capabilities. As the video solution for their mission control center, our technology helps ensure that their launches go smoothly and successfully by streaming low-latency video back to the ground segment of their spacecraft operations.


Public Safety

Streaming plays a key role in military operations, law enforcement, emergency response, and occupational safety. Coastguards use drones for search-and-rescue missions, whereas military-grade bodycams help connect frontline responders with their commander.

Organizations using Wowza for public safety include Axon, WatchGuard, Blueforce Development, and more. This takes the form of interview rooms, drones used for battlefield intelligence, dash cams, and other technologies in the public safety space.

Minimizing video lag is often a priority. But for these mission-critical applications, survival depends on it.

“Just-in-time streaming video is one of the major requirements for rapid decision-making as commanders and responders can go ‘eyes-on’ and truly see what’s going on,” explains Michael Helfrich, founder and CEO of Blueforce Development Corporation. “Location is good. Awareness of the surrounding is better. But seeing is believing.”



Healthcare professionals rely on low-latency video streaming for endoscopic surgical procedures, virtual doctor visits, simulations, and telemedicine. Hospitals are equipping operating rooms with integrated streaming technology to improve surgical outcomes and enhance patient care.

Karl Storz, the leading endoscope manufacturer, leverages Wowza to power their medical products. Our technology is also built into Stryker Corporations’ impressive portfolio of medical products. Wowza has even been used to support first-responder procedures at the basecamp of Everest, allowing remote doctors to assist with treatment via a live video feed.

By building their solutions with Wowza, these organizations are transforming the healthcare industry. But reliability and security are a must-have. Luckily, our products deliver on these demands — giving healthcare leaders the confidence needed to create their streaming infrastructure.


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