Worshipping without boundaries

It’s becoming an expectation to be able to view live events from anywhere in the world. It’s no longer necessary to travel to an event that isn’t in your city, live streaming bridges the gap and brings people together like never before.

This, then, poses the question, should church services be accessed any differently than other live events? has an easy answer to this question: Nope! House of worship services from any denomination should be able to be accessed from anywhere. Worshiping without boundaries is their end goal.

Most churches, however, don’t have a full tech team to help them get their streaming infrastructure up and running. That’s where the platform comes in.

A Wowza customer since 2013, custom built their streaming infrastructure on Wowza along with Works With Wowza partners, Telestream Wirecast and JW Player. Since then, they have expanded from running just a handful of servers, to a large array of servers that allows for worldwide distribution/streaming for any church, of any size, any where in the world. By leveraging this partner ecosystem, has grown exponentially to meet the markets’ increasing demand. The platform removes all of the stress and unknowns around live streaming for your church, so that you can focus on spreading your message to anyone, with any device, anywhere in the world. customers get the full functionality of Wowza Streaming Engine, including adaptive bitrate streaming, live stream record and nDVR features, included in the price of the service. A lot of the time churches don’t realize that they may need these enhanced tools, but with the Wowza-powered platform, they can utilize them as needed and not have to install or configure other software.

By using the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager metrics, all customers of also receive full statistics that let them know how long viewers are watching, what kind of device they are using and where they are located. On average 63% of viewers are watching from a computer and 37% are watching from a mobile device. In keeping up with the surge of accessing content at anytime from anywhere, churches need to be ready to accommodate any audience.

The base of churches that utilize this service is worldwide and constantly growing. For this reason, has an origin/edge configuration. This setup reduces the strain on each server and is more reliable for each viewer.

Worshipping from anywhere is imperative. helps deliver these streams to all who are counting on them.

Do you currently stream or watch streams from your local house of worship? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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