Growing Demand for High-Quality Video Streaming Across Multiple Devices

Last week, we released some interesting survey findings revealing consumer and business preferences and expectations for video streaming. According to our survey, conducted at the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas, 68 percent of respondents use 4 or more devices a day and expect access to high-quality video streaming experiences on any device. The survey also highlighted that more organizations are turning to live video streaming as a critical business tool.

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Findings from the Wowza survey

  • Video streaming is becoming mission critical for businesses: Eighty-five percent of respondents use video as a business tool. As more businesses deliver on the high demand for video content, they’re turning to live streaming options. More than 80 percent of respondents stated that live and on-demand video is essential within organizations. These findings support recent industry research emphasizing the significant jump in online video adoption across the enterprise. The simplification of video creation, management and distribution for businesses will continue to fuel the next phase of the corporate video revolution.
  • Consumers are viewing video on more devices: Forty-three percent of respondents use four to six devices on a daily basis. While 41 percent said TV is their preferred channel for viewing video, they continue to access video on multiple devices. More than 75 percent use personal devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to view video every day. As consumers continue to view video on multiple devices, businesses must be able to deliver consistent video streaming experiences anywhere, on any device.
  • Consumers expect high-quality video, regardless of device: To successfully engage and inform consumers via video streaming, businesses must deliver high-quality video experiences on all devices. Almost 90 percent of respondents expect access to video on every device, but access isn’t their only expectation. More than 70 percent demand video quality to be consistent across every device, every time.

As more organizations turn to video streaming to inform, influence, and educate consumers, they’re challenged to deliver on consumers’ demands for high-quality video across multiple devices. Wowza can help.

Continuing the discussion

We were a bit surprised to learn that most people use four or more devices, until we started counting how many devices we access video with ourselves – work computer, mobile phone, tablet, home computer, game console, OTT box, etc. How many devices do you typically use for video on a daily basis? Please feel free to comment below.

After we released the survey results, the follow-up article by Technorati took a slightly different perspective. They focused more on how HD mobile makes video streaming a critical business tool for marketing, etc. Where is video mission-critical in your business?

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