Join Us for Local Hack Day: December 3 at University of Colorado, Boulder

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Local Hack Day is coming up! Grab your laptop and head on over to your local participating college campus on December 3. And if you’re in Colorado, join us at University of Colorado, Boulder. We’d love to see you there.

Local Hack Day is an international event that brings together communities of student hackers for 12 hours of building creative solutions, learning new technology, and meeting fellow hackers. Wowza will be at the University of Colorado, Boulder’s HackCU, and students there will have free access to our GoCoder SDK for creating live mobile streaming apps for iOS and Android, and the Wowza Streaming Cloud live-streaming service to power the streams. (You can get free trials of both products yourself, too!)

Our cross-platform SDK makes it easy for developers to focus on developing unique features, rather than worrying about how to control the mobile device’s camera or how to support various protocols so your video will play back on any device. What live-streaming ideas will you dream up?

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