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One of the most powerful activities that companies can do is invest in their employees. When you help your employees grow and evolve as professionals, it will only help your business be more successful. Historically, training sessions have been boring, outdated, and not helped people learn or improve. LearnCore, cloud based learning platform recognized an opportunity to improve training and feedback and set out to change the way that employees practice soft skills that are mission critical for selling, customer service and marketing.

Since video has become such an integrated part of daily life, it only makes sense to incorporate it into a corporate tool. Wowza customer, LearnCore, created a training platform that allows managers to get an inside look into the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. LearnCore’s Pitch enables learners to view and participate in simulated practices through video on-demand streaming to demonstrate how they are interact with prospects, customers or leads.

LearnCore’s customers set tasks for employees to accomplish including improvements on their presentation skills or how to pitch a new sales deck. From there, employees video record themselves doing the presentation in a role-playing simulation. They can then watch the video on-demand version once complete, try again, or submit for scoring, coaching or praise from their colleagues or supervisor.

When LearnCore set out to build their platform, a major consideration was how to scale to accommodate many streams going in and coming out of the platform. Utilizing Wowza Streaming Engine allowed LearnCore to deploy their servers with Works With Wowza partner, Google Cloud Platform for the most versatility possible. Deploying in a cloud environment can provide on-the-fly adaptability and reduce the need for manual monitoring.

The ability to load balance at an application level within Wowza Streaming Engine was another key feature that led to the success of LearnCore’s platform. They wanted to be able to handle more concurrent users and not sacrifice quality within their streaming workflow.

“Using the Wowza commercial grade software for streaming media helped make LearnCore enterprise ready. Their service, and technology has turned me into a raving fan.” Ethan Linkner, Co-founder and COO of LearnCore.

Most of the viewers watch the streams on a computer, but are also able to stream directly to a mobile device or tablet. Future plans for LearnCore include a mobile application to make recording and viewing videos easy while not near a computer.  

Have you ever participated in an online training environment? What was your experience? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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