Scaling Your Streaming Architecture With Wowza


Whether you’re hosting your infrastructure on premises or in the cloud, streaming at scale can be challenging. COVID-19 has made this pain point all too clear as many organizations have transitioned to virtual workforces.

For corporate workflows with multiple locations and remote employees all over the world, large private networks are often used to ensure security. This helps achieve compliance and privacy for organizations in healthcare, government, and more. But without the right network architecture, streaming at scale might be a no-go.  

In this video, Tim Dougherty sits down with Justin Miller to discuss options for scaling your streaming infrastructure with Wowza. Whereas Wowza Streaming Cloud has a content delivery network (CDN) built in, Wowza Streaming Engine can easily be connected to the Wowza CDN as an extension of your on-premises workflow.

No matter the use case, Wowza is the go-to provider for tens of thousands of organizations that have incorporated live streaming into their business strategy. We help bridge the gaps in your streaming workflows with a hybrid approach and willingness to share our expertise.

Watch the video above to learn more.


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