Secure, Reliable, Low-Latency Video With SRT: IBC 2018 Panel (Video)

As the growth of interactive video drives a market need for low-latency streaming solutions, many developers and service providers have been clamoring for an open-source alternative to proprietary technology. Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) has emerged as the answer for those seeking high-quality, secure and low-latency streaming across unpredictable networks such as the public internet.

To promote the adoption of this revolutionary technology, Wowza and Haivision co-founded the SRT Alliance: a group of organizations committed to promoting the adoption of SRT as an industry standard. Since this partnership was announced at NAB 2017, SRT has become the fastest-growing video streaming movement. It offers:

  • Pristine quality, protecting streams from packet loss, jitter and fluctuations in bandwidth.
  • Low latency even in the face of network challenges, thanks to configurable controls.
  • Secure streaming from contribution to distribution through end-to-end 128/256-bit AES encryption.
  • Open-source availability, so any developer can add streaming to their app or service offering.

At the 2018 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), held Sept. 14-18 in Amsterdam, the SRT Alliance organized a panel with industry experts from Viacom, Al-Jazeera, Haivision, MediaKind and Sky News. The discussion focused on how SRT technology can help streamline workflows when creating live video streaming applications.

  Panel Speakers

  • Glenn Goldstein, Chief Technology Convergence Officer, Viacom (Moderator)
  • Miljenko Logozar, Director of Technology Solutions & Integrations, Al-Jazeera
  • Christopher Smith, Development Executive, News Technology, SkyNews
  • Tony Jones, Principal Technologist, CTO and Strategy group, MediaKind
  • Marc Cymontkowski, Senior Director, Core Technology, Haivision

The panel shared their personal experiences with SRT implementations, including what worked and what needed improvement, as well as what potential obstacles they foresee for the future of widespread SRT adoption. The SRT Alliance now boasts more than 140 organizations—including Microsoft, whose involvement was announced at the IBC show—with over 40 companies launching “SRT-Ready” solutions for the broadcast and streaming community.

The possibilities are endless for what can be achieved with this open-source protocol and streaming technology, and audiences of this discussion have been talking all about it.


Missed the panel? You can watch the recording below:


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