Send an SRT Stream to Wowza Video With OBS and Wirecast


If you’re trying to deliver high-quality streams over the public internet, the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol is what you need. This reliable, open-source protocol ensures consistent streaming even over unpredictable networks (with low-latency transport, too!). However, you’ll want to use a video platform like Wowza Video to repackage the stream into a more common or widely supported delivery format.

In this tutorial, Wowza’s Justin Miller demonstrates how to use Wirecast and OBS Studio to Wowza Video. You’ll also learn the necessary steps to transmux your stream into Apple HLS to deliver your video to any device.

Full Video Transcript:

Justin Miller:

SRT is a more secure and reliable option for live streaming compared to RTMP. This streaming protocol can be used for ingest by Wowza Video through software encoders, such as OBS Studio and Wirecast. You’ll first need to add a live stream in Wowza Video. Name the stream appropriately, and then select a location for the dropdown closest to where you’re broadcasting from. Next we’ll choose the encoder type from the dropdown, which is Other SRT. We can leave everything else default, although if you’re streaming at a resolution higher than 720p, you may want to change this under aspect ratio.

Next, we’ll click through all the other settings, leaving them as default until we can finish and create this live stream. With the live stream created, we’ll start the live stream. Once it’s started, we can go to Source Connection Information and copy the server URL to use the encoder.

Let’s first look at how to stream via SRT from OBS Studio. Under settings, we’ll go to Stream and Choose Custom from the service options. We’ll then paste the server information in. You’ll need to append this with a colon 10,000. That’s it. No stream key or authentication is necessary. Just start streaming. Back in Wowza Video, you’ll see a thumbnail appear of your stream. That thumbnail can take five to 10 seconds to appear. By using the hosted page URL, you’ll be able to see the HLS stream running.

Now, back in OBS Studio, we’ll stop streaming, and now we can look at how to stream via SRT from Wirecast. In Wirecast, we’ll still need to go in and add a shot that’s viewable. Now we can go to output and choose output settings. Using Add, we’ll create an SRT destination. Since I planned for a 1080p stream, I’ll change the encoding for this resolution, and I’ll also set the canvas size to match the preset. Then under address, we’ll paste in my server information like before. Under Port, we’ll make it 10,000. That’s it. Now, once again, we can start streaming.

Like before, if we go back to Wowza Video, we’ll see a thumbnail appear in about five to 10 seconds, and that’s how you live stream via SRT from Wirecast or OBS Studio. If you want to see the live stream, use the link for hosted page URL. It’s from here you can play the video as an HLS stream.

Okay. Well, thanks for watching, everybody. And if you have any questions, you can always contact us at Wowza.


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