SRT Ingest Added to Wowza Streaming Cloud

Blog: SRT Ingest Added to Wowza Streaming Cloud


Packet loss. Delay. Bandwidth issues. All can get in the way when streaming over unpredictable networks.

As part of our ongoing effort to minimize latency when delivering live video, Wowza cofounded the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Alliance back in 2017. Our mission was to promote the industry-wide adoption of SRT as a common standard for live streaming. Today, the SRT protocol is recognized as a proven alternative to proprietary transport technologies that helps deliver near-real-time streams over suboptimal networks.

But our journey doesn’t end there. We recently added SRT ingest support to the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service. This extends SRT functionality across the Wowza product portfolio.



Solve the First-Mile Challenge With SRT

SRT is ideal for content producers with a wobbly connection to the origin, providing a solid solution to video delivery in challenging environments. The protocol can now be used to transport high-quality live streams to Streaming Cloud for transcoding and redistribution.

SRT use cases include:

  • Remote event production on less-than-ideal networks
  • Any streaming workflow complicated by first-mile challenges
  • Multi-site streaming events delivered across the globe
  • Broadcasters requiring low-latency content acquisition

So how do you set it up? Configuring SRT ingest in Wowza Streaming Cloud is as easy as one, two, three.


Configuring SRT Ingest in Wowza Streaming Cloud

Configure professional streams in minutes via the Wowza Streaming Cloud GUI management portal. The process can be completed in a snap, and streams can then be transcoded into a wide variety of protocols and codecs.

  1. Create a transcoder configured to accept SRT.
  2. Set output renditions and stream targets for distribution.
  3. Configure the source encoder using SRT with connection details from Wowza Streaming Cloud.

For developers who need full control over their live-streaming workflow, SRT ingest is also supported by the Streaming Cloud API.


SRT Technical Panel at NAB

Find out how you can maintain stream integrity and quality over unpredictable networks by hearing from us at the 2019 NAB Show. Wowza’s CTO Charlie Good will join streaming experts to discuss the latest technical developments of the SRT open-source protocol.


  • Marc Cymontkowski, VP Engineering, Haivision
  • Martin Smole, Dir. Encoding, Bitmovin
  • Konstantin Wilms, SVP Media & Cloud Architect, Deluxe
  • Ty Bekiares, Dir. Engineering, Gogo
  • Charlie Good, CTO, Wowza

Sponsored by Haivision and Microsoft, the SRT Technical Panel will take place on April 8 at 4:15 in the North Hall Room N250. Topics include challenges, benefits, and recommendations for progressing the technology forward.


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