The API for Speed: Ultra Low Latency Streaming for Developers

The API for Speed: Ultra Low Latency Steaming for Devs

If you’re a developer building a streaming-video app, your job is hard enough. From the front-end experience and interface design to creating interactive elements, you shouldn’t have to become a streaming expert on top of it all.

Developers like you have trusted Wowza for over 10 years to provide the APIs for quickly and easily building streaming-video applications. But building interactive apps with two-way communications and real-time video requires an even more powerful toolkit.

That’s why we created the Wowza Streaming Cloud service with Ultra Low Latency: It gives you the power to deliver lightning-fast streams and create fully interactive video applications, all with a few simple API calls.


Full Video Transcription

Justin Miller: Once you have a Wowza Streaming Cloud service with Ultra Low Latency account, stream targets are created through our REST API. By executing a CURL-command, you’ll get a response containing all the information necessary to publish a unique live stream and allow others to playback that stream. First, we’ll need to access the Wowza Streaming Cloud API docs to get the sample command ( Under Resource Management, click on Stream Targets, and select Create An Ultra Low Latency Stream Target.

On the right, we’ll copy the code under Request Sample. For this demo, we’ll use a shell.­ For this CURL command to work, we’ll need to add an API Key and Access Key specific to your account. Go under your account name when logged into your dashboard, and use the drop-down menu to select API Access. You’ll need to reference this API Key in the command, and an Access Key. You may want to create Access Keys for specific users, or streams, in order to add additional security.

Now to complete this CURL-command, we’ll also need to define the name of the stream, and a source delivery method. Open up a terminal, paste in the command, and execute. From the response, you’ll know the Ultra Low Latency stream target has been created.

Back into your account dashboard, you can verify this by going under Advanced, and accessing Stream Targets in the drop-down menu. You’ll find the stream target listed under the name you defined.

Click on the name and test the stream target using our free GoCoder app for your mobile device. Simply copy the Connection Code, and in GoCoder, use the Wowza cog icon to Connect To Wowza Streaming Cloud with the connection code applied. In your testing, you may want to adjust settings and bandwidth to see different results.

After you’ve started the stream, go back to your Wowza Streaming Cloud with Ultra Low Latency account, and Test The Player using Wowza Player. Just hit the play button, and see the Ultra Low Latency Service in action.

That’s it.

For more help with app development, you should also check out our GoCoder SDK, and enhanced documentation for more details.

Happy streaming!

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