The Future of SRT — 2019 and Beyond


Challenged to deliver high-quality streams over suboptimal networks? Looking to achieve low-latency content acquisition despite a wobbly connection to the ingest point?

Learn about the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol by watching The Future of SRT — 2019 and Beyond. Don Dudrey and Barry Owen of Wowza join Haivision’s Marc Cymontkowski to discuss the latest developments in streaming via SRT.

As part of an ongoing effort to minimize latency when delivering live video, Wowza cofounded the SRT Alliance with Haivision back in 2017. Our mission was to promote the industry-wide adoption of SRT as a common standard for live streaming. Today, the open-source protocol is recognized as a proven alternative to proprietary transport technologies — helping to deliver reliable streams, regardless of network quality.

From recovering lost packets to preserving timing behavior, SRT was designed to solve the challenges of video contribution and distribution across the public internet. SRT can also be encrypted for end-to-end security.

Hear what streaming experts at Wowza and Haivision have to say about the future of SRT in this Wowza Studio Session recorded at NAB Show 2019.


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