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Using WebRTC as a Replacement for RTMP

December 13, 2016 by Wowza Media Systems

WebRTC replacing RTMP

WebRTC is a hot topic these days, particularly as a low-latency replacement for RTMP and the increasingly frowned-upon Flash Player architecture. RTMP is still a reliable way to provide low-latency delivery for voice chat and other use cases, but its long-term phase-out has begun—and businesses are seeking reliable alternatives. Watch this two-minute video to learn how Wowza technology solves the challenges of transitioning to WebRTC.



Wowza WebRTC streaming software has already seen a huge adoption rate among our customers looking to reduce their reliance on Flash. Ready to get started? Request access to the Wowza WebRTC preview today to see how it can power your low-latency project. Not sure you want to deploy with WebRTC? Check out other low latency streaming options.

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