5 Video Marketing Examples to Copy in 2022 and Beyond

A woman applying makeup for a video tutorial using a ring light and tripod for her smartphone to capture a recording.

Using videos to promote goods and services is a no-brainer. Since the first U.S. TV ad aired in 1941, video marketing has taken on a life of its own. Catchy commercials dominated in the 1960s, jumbotrons started popping up in stadiums and public places in the late 1980s, and online video became a viable channel for advertising in the early 2000s.

It’s easy to understand why video + marketing is a match made in heaven. After all, most people would rather watch a live product announcement than read a sales sheet.

Assuming you use social media, stream OTT content, and have watched a tutorial at some point this year, video marketing has reached you in a wide range of formats. But it’s still worth spelling out the countless genres of video marketing that we encounter every day.

The last webinar you attended? Obviously, an example of video marketing. The Instagram story posted by your favorite chef wearing a Hedley & Bennett apron? Also video marketing (even if the wardrobe choice wasn’t sponsored). Oh, and the Sephora Instagram filter you use to hide the dark circles under your eyes? You’ve got it — video marketing.

The Mad Men era of passive advertising has been ditched for a focus on interactivity and personalization. So, what are the most innovative brands doing to catch their customers’ attention in 2022? Here’s our list of the top examples to inspire your business strategy in the years ahead.


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HubSpot: Become an Omnichannel How-To Master

We get it. How-to videos aren’t sexy. You’d rather be doing the next big thing — and how-to content feels a bit dull. But we promise this form of marketing is showstopping when done in a modern and effective way.

Take one of the leading names in marketing today: HubSpot. The business software company takes a tutorial-heavy approach to their marketing strategy, which is especially effective in the B2B space.

Here’s a look at HubSpot’s YouTube channel, a how-to mecca for marketers.

A screenshot of HubSpot's YouTube channel, showing a robust collection of how-to videos on social media, email marketing, and digital marketing.

Then there’s HubSpot Academy, the company’s free online training platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals. Users can take a one-off course or complete a comprehensive certification, thereby choosing how deeply they wish to engage.

HubSpot’s dedication to educating and informing customers culminates annually at INBOUND, an immersive and interactive marketing conference.


INBOUND is a hybrid event, delivered as both a Boston-based gathering and a rich virtual experience. The three-day conference includes keynote addresses, breakout sessions, product updates, and interactive meetups.

Beyond just creating a community for HubSpot customers, the event educates professionals on how to use the HubSpot product suite. After all, when it comes to B2B marketing, one of the best strategies is to empower those consuming your content (be it a white paper, video, or full-fledged event) to be better at their job.


How to Adapt This Strategy for Your Business

  • Tools to Use: Implementing HubSpot’s omnichannel marketing approach would require more tools than we could cover in a three-day conference, but a good place to start would be with a video streaming platform that offers capabilities ranging from video on demand (VOD) and interactive streaming, a content management system (CMS), and an HTML5 player for delivering feature-rich video experiences to any device.
  • Consider Your Audience: Tutorial-based content and hybrid events lend particularly well to B2B marketing. But other sectors can benefit from this model as well. The makeup industry has also seen a ton of success with customer education programs, which we’ll cover in the next section.
  • Studio Setup: Streaming live events requires an array of tools and equipment, detailed extensively in our Live Event Streaming Guide.
  • Other Considerations: Hubspot’s omnichannel approach makes the customer experience seamless. But there’s no reason you can’t start small. Even a weekly instructional segment on Instagram Live is a step in the right direction.

Ulta: Interact With Customers Through Virtual Engagement

Ulta Beauty has taken HubSpot’s omnichannel marketing approach and perfected it for the B2C beauty space.

The cosmetic brand’s digital innovation hub seeks to shape the future of retail with cutting-edge technology. This includes augmented reality (AR) capabilities for virtually trying on products, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tech for skin analysis, personalized video chats from gift advisors, and robust virtual experiences to rival in-store shopping.

The retailer also provides tutorial-based content in a few different formats. They’ve partnered with the live streaming beauty app Supergreat to tap its Gen Z user base. Additionally, Ulta broadcasts virtual masterclasses on makeup trends and application techniques via their Beauty School Live channel. Finally, they’ve launched a video podcast on Facebook and YouTube called Unveiling Beauty.


How to Adapt This Strategy for Your Business

  • Tools to Use: When hosting a truly interactive virtual masterclass, you’ll want to leverage a video solution designed for real-time streaming. For prerecorded video podcasts, on the other hand, you’ll need editing software like Director Suite 365.
  • Consider Your Audience: Again, interactivity is a key component of this marketing strategy. If you’re publishing prerecorded content to social media, just make sure you’re monitoring the comments and responding as they come in. Alternatively, if you go the interactive masterclass route, ensure your viewers aren’t experiencing latency that prevents them from participating.
  • Studio Setup: You’ll need a good camera, microphone, headphones, and more. Here’s a comprehensive look at the equipment required for setting up a live streaming studio.
  • Other Considerations: If you want to start out small and test this strategy before fully investing, Instagram Live Shopping is a great first step.  

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Duolingo: Create a Branded Persona for Social Media

Brands are getting more and more playful with how they represent themselves on social media. From Wendy’s ruthless tweets to the Spirit Halloween costume meme, plenty of companies are killing it on social media by embracing humor. Sure, comedy isn’t the right fit for all brands. But when a company can pull it off, the result is marketing gold.

Duolingo has done just that, while staying in conversation with trending topics and owning their app’s reputation for being a bit pushy with users. The language-learning app created an anthropomorphic owl named Duo to personify their brand. Duo comes to life as a life-size mascot on their social media channels. This has enabled Duolingo to create a loyal following on TikTok, where their branded hashtag #duolingo boasts 1.7 billion views to date.

@duolingo after all, we have always said we’re free, fun and ✨effective ✨ at teaching languages. #Duolingo #squidgame #redlightgreenlight #run #helpme #owl ♬ original sound – Golden Stables

The example above riffs off the Squid Game sensation from late last year, while also positioning Duolingo alongside well-known services like Google Translate. The punchline? It pokes fun at how annoying their own app can be.


How to Adapt This Strategy for Your Business

  • Tools to Use: A TikTok account is all you need to post short-form content on the platform. The native app has video editing tools built right in and an enormous library of songs to use. Even so, if you want to get savvier, we’d suggest using a social media management tool like Hootsuite, an analytics tool like Iconosquare, and advanced editing software like Camtasia.
  • Consider Your Audience: TikTok is touted as the social media platform of the future. It’s a great place to reach new customers — but know that you’re largely marketing to Gen Zers when posting videos on the platform.
  • Studio Setup: Today’s smartphones capture high-quality video. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to grab some additional production accessories like a tripod, filter set, and lighting resources. Check out this article on the best gear for TikTok videos.
  • Other Considerations: TikTok is more for branding than immediate monetization, so plan to play the long game with this approach. Luckily, TikTok makes sharing content through other social media platforms easy, so widespread distribution isn’t a challenge.

Gymshark: Crowdsource User-Generated Content

By crowdsourcing user-generated content (UGC) on social media, organizations can solicit free publicity, reach new audiences, and turn on a passive marketing strategy. UGC content includes testimonials, reviews, unboxings, and more.

Businesses can solicit UGC by requesting feedback, launching contests, and even sending out free products to content creators. One strategy that people (a.k.a. wannabe influencers) are quick to jump on is a free giveaway that also earns them exposure.

In the example below, Gymshark combines the contest and branded hashtag approach with #Gymshark66. Launched at the start of 2022 when everyone had just made their New Year’s resolutions, The 66-day virtual event challenged the Gymshark community to form positive habits and share their life-changing journey with the world.

@sydneybrown_xo The ultimate stairmaster with 3922 steps! ???????????? Wearing @gymshark ???? #gymshark66 #hawaii #fitness ♬ One Foot – WALK THE MOON

Participants got an excuse to post self-indulgent content, and Gymshark reaped the benefits of free publicity. In other words, the campaign was a win-win.


How to Adapt This Strategy for Your Business

  • Tools to Use: This one is straightforward. But if you’re stuck, a hashtag generator might lead you in the right direction.
  • Consider Your Audience: Crowdsourcing content can work across different audiences; you’ll just want to choose the right platform for your customer base. A branded hashtag for HubSpot would likely gain more traction on LinkedIn than on Facebook.
  • Studio Setup: Leave the equipment to your users!
  • Other Considerations: Don’t think of these campaigns as a one-and-done. After your audience does the hard work, it’s your turn to compile all the video content and reuse it in blogs, commercials, etc.

Meta: Get Back to the Basics by Always Looking Ahead

Speaking of commercials, I’ll be honest. I started this article eager to explore the jaw-dropping ways companies were leveraging virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse to change the marketing game. That commitment eventually brought me to this ad, and I think it’s a good place to wrap up.


The power of video marketing is its ability to paint a picture of what could be — not necessarily what is. My plight to discover a truly great example of VR marketing in 2022 didn’t pan out. And in truth, the metaverse hasn’t lived up to the hype either. But that doesn’t stop Meta Quest 2 from creating a commercial like this one that convinces viewers otherwise. Meanwhile, with OTT platforms like Netflix looking to bring advertising into the fold for customers paying a lower subscription price, good-old TV advertising is back.


How to Adapt This Strategy for Your Business

The takeaway isn’t that the metaverse flopped and traditional advertising is taking over. Rather, it’s that video allows marketers to push the limits and inspire what comes next. So let that be your guiding light as you develop your 2023 marketing strategy.

Will VR eventually let people test drive the new Audi before it ever hits the showroom? Perhaps. And maybe interactive TV commercials will allow viewers to pick their own adventure or toggle between product choices. Heck, imagine if OTT platforms let viewers purchase the exact t-shirt an actor was sporting with the click of a button.

Where video marketing goes in 2023 is up to you to decide. Anything is possible. And should you need a video platform to launch your next big idea, Wowza is here to help.


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