Wowza Partner Program Expands to new Cameras and Encoders

It’s amazing to me that we launched the Works With Wowza Partner Program at NAB last year, and now have 12 partners in the program and are announcing four new partners to the program at NAB this year, as well as new integrations with Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Welcome to Wowza Sony, Axis, LiveU, and Telos Alliance!

In an effort to work with the best-of-breed across the streaming ecosystem, we are pleased to announce Sony, Axis, LiveU, and Telos Alliance to the Works With Wowza Program.


The Sony SRG-300SE camera has been tested and is now integrated into the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, making it just that much easier to connect your Sony camera with Wowza Streaming Engine.

Sony's expanding SRG PTZ camera line-up is ideal for city council, faith-based communities, hospitality, healthcare, education, sports, and more. 

Axis Communications

Known as a leader in IP cameras, Axis Communications offers a wide portfolio of products for professional IP video surveillance.

The products integrate easily with Axis’ video management software and with Wowza Streaming Engine to build a complete security or surveillance solution.


LiveU is the pioneer and leader in IP-based solutions for acquisition, management and distribution of live video. LiveU's technology enables live video transmission from any location around the world. LiveU’s solutions are used regularly for breaking news, sports, and high-profile events.

LiveU’s new LU200, an ultra-small video transmission device, is integrated into Wowza Streaming Cloud, allowing users to quickly and easily stream live content globally, and to any device.

Telos Alliance

Z/IPStream streaming audio processor / encoders from The Telos Alliance give broadcasters powerful, easy-to-use tools that supply listeners with clean, clear and artifact-free audio. The integration with Wowza Streaming Engine allows those users who want to set up an audio-only streaming workflow, for such activities as radio streaming, a simple path to do so.

And now, integration with the new Wowza Streaming Cloud

As Wowza has expanded our product set, so too have we expanded our partner product integration.

All of our camera and encoder partners are able to connect to the new Wowza Streaming Cloud. The integration already established with these partners to Wowza Streaming Engine is also implemented on Wowza Streaming Cloud, allowing joint customers to take advantage of the existing, streamlined connectivity.

We are also enhancing the cloud integration with connectivity tailored to the cloud product and workflow. Some of these partners have already completed the enhanced integration to Wowza Streaming Cloud, so come by our booth at NAB to see the status of these deeper integrations with Wowza!

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