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Facebook Live and more—on demand and at your fingertips

Technology has changed the world but the world has also changed technology. Interactions are increasingly user driven and users have more choices than ever. Whether it is for business or personal use, user interactions are global, mobile and around the clock—and Wowza is always there. We’ve just released a new batch of Wowza Streaming Cloud feature updates to enhance your ability to deliver scalable global performance and quickly take advantage of new advancements in streaming.

Built with the industry-leading, award-winning Wowza Streaming Engine software at its core, Wowza Steaming Cloud is always being refined and enhanced to make it easier for our customers to deliver scalable, global streaming content while quickly taking advantage of new advancements in streaming technology. With that in mind, we’ve added these features in the latest Wowza Streaming Cloud update: 

  • Facebook Live delivery
  • General availability of the public REST API
  • Instances designed specifically for 4K UHD transcoding
  • Tuneable frame rates 
  • GUI control of geography blocking
  • Enhancements to content token authorization access control

Here’s a more detailed look at the new features, which we’ve broken into two categories: ease of use and stream quality.

Ease of Use

Facebook Live — Wowza Streaming Cloud now offers Facebook Live as a  preconfigured streaming target, making it quick and easy to deliver your live streams globally to the 1 billion Facebook users. For details please see the support article on how to stream to Facebook Live from Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Geoblocking  Users are now able to designate geographies where content viewing is restricted. This functionality was previously available only via the Wowza Streaming Cloud API, but is now accessible directly from the user interface. For more information on geoblocking please see the support article on how to geoblock stream targets.

REST API general availability  — The Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API, until recently available in a limited preview, enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily develop custom applications on top of Wowza Streaming Cloud.


4K UHD resolution  We’ve added to the cloud service’s existing capabilities for delivering 4K-resolution steams. Now you’ll find instances optimized for delivery of 4K UHD video streams. Read our article on how to stream in 4K.

Stream frame rate tuning — Wowza Streaming Cloud now lets you adjust the frame rate of streams to suit your network conditions. You can reduce the frame rate of streams while keeping the resolution of each frame high. This is another way to deliver high-quality streams with less-than-optimal network conditions or to reduce storage requirements.


Token authorization—Token authorization enhances control over access to your content at the CDN, helping you maintain security and control of your streams. With authentication active, only requests with valid tokens are able to access streams. For more information please see the support article on how to protect a stream target with token authorization.

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