Geo-block Wowza CDN on Akamai stream targets in Wowza Streaming Cloud

The Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service allows you to decide the countries and regions where your stream can be played. By default, streams are available worldwide, but you can limit viewing by using the geo-blocking feature. Geo-blocking allows you to specify where Wowza CDN on Akamai stream targets can be accessed so that you can control where your stream can be watched.

  • This article covers geo-blocking for Wowza CDN on Akamai stream targets only.
  • Geo-blocking works only with streams delivered through Wowza CDN stream targets for HLS or HDS playback. It's not available for custom stream targets.


Add a Wowza CDN target with geo-blocking
Assign the stream target to a transcoder
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Add a Wowza CDN on Akamai target with geo-blocking

  1. Click Advanced on the menu bar, and then click Stream Targets.
  2. Click Add Target, select Wowza CDN on Akamai - HLS or Wowza CDN on Akamai - HDS/HLS, and then click Add.
  3. Specify a Target Name and, for Wowza CDN on Akamai - HDS/HLS targets, a Target Location.

The Target Name is required but doesn't have to be unique, and it can't be longer than 255 characters.

The Target Location should be as close as possible to where you're capturing video for Wowza Streaming Cloud. The Target Location can't be changed after the target is created.

  1. (Optional) For Wowza CDN on Akamai - HLS targets, specify whether you want secure ingest and CORS compatibility.
  2. Click Add.

Wowza Streaming Cloud generates a target and displays the target detail page, which includes a Setup tab and a Geo-blocking tab. Now, specify the geo-blocking configuration.

  1. Click the Geo-blocking tab and then click Edit.
  2. Specify the type of geo-blocking you'd like to enable:
  • Allow streaming only to the following locations - Permits streaming only at specified locations.
  • Do not allow streaming to the following locations - Prohibits streaming at specified locations.
  1. Specify affected Locations:
  • Click a location in the left list box to select it, and then click the right-pointing arrow to add it to the list of affected locations on the right.
  • Click a location in the right list box to select it, and then click the left-pointing arrow to remove it from the list of affected locations.
  1. (Optional) To allow streaming at IP addresses even if they're within a blocked location, enter one or more IP addresses in the Geo-blocking Override Whitelist field. Separate addresses using commas. The Geo-blocking Override Whitelist field supports Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation for defining subnet masks.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Contact Support in order for your changes to take effect.
Note: You can block or whitelist a combination of up to about 22 locations and IP addresses.

Assign the stream target to a transcoder

If the stream target isn't already assigned to a transcoder, assign it to one now. Then, you can start your broadcast.

  1. On the Outputs & Targets tab of the transcoder detail page, click the Add a Stream Target button for any output rendition.
  2. Choose Existing stream target and then select the geo-blocked stream target from the list.
  3. (Wowza CDN on Akamai - HDS/HLS only) Select the option to use the backup URL, if desired.

    When both the primary and backup URLs are used, Wowza Streaming Cloud sends the stream to both URLs, allowing the third-party CDN to improve reliability and prevent playback disruption. If you want to use both URLs, after assigning the target to an output rendition, make sure both the primary and backup versions have entries under the output rendition on the transcoder's Outputs & Targets tab. 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to assign the geo-blocked target to all outputs that the transcoder uses.

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