Wowza Streaming Engine PTZ Integration for Axis and Sony IP Cameras

Wowza Streaming Engine software simplifies live-streaming workflows via built-in integration with our Works With Wowza™ partners’ encoders and cameras. Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.2 and later include the capability to control the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality of certain Sony and Axis IP (network) cameras using a controller in the user interface.

Watch this two-minute video demo of the Wowza Streaming Engine PTZ feature (and check out the transcript at the bottom of this post):

For more details, see the following resources:

To see the entire lineup of encoders and cameras that are integrated with Wowza Streaming Engine software, visit our Works With Wowza partner program web page.

Video transcript:

We’ve created this PTZ or pan/tilt/zoom functionality inside of Wowza Streaming Engine Manager? So what I’m going to do real quick is actually pull up my incoming streams. We have a Sony and Access partnership program, part of our Works With Wowza partner program, and we’ve actually built in this PTZ functionality using the Sony and Access apps for PTZ. We’re able to connect to the IP camera itself on the device and be able to use the PTZ functionality on the device. So extremely cool functionality all inside of Manager.

What I’m going to do is actually pull up that functionality directly in here. I’m going to click on the pan/tilt/zoom button, and you’ll see in here now I can see this camera. I actually don’t like where this is pointing, so very quickly inside of here I can click on this and be able to pan over to another part of the show floor. I’m going to keep moving this camera over until I have it pointing at another part of the show floor. You can see this is all happening in real time. So really from anywhere in the world I can configure and connect to the IP camera right through my Manager and be able to control all these functionalities. There you go. I absolutely love the way this looks.

I actually want to zoom in a little on these people that are talking here on the show floor. I’m going to click on the zoom functionality. You can see it takes a fraction of a second for it to zoom in, but there you go. I’m actually looking at the other booth. I’m going to click on Close, and now, if I pull up this stream I can see this stream that’s coming directly out of the Sony device. Click on Start, and there you go, I have a full running stream. It looks fantastic; I can even go full screen.

The whole PTZ functionality is up and running and ready to go. I can do this currently with Sony and with Access IP cameras, so extremely useful functionality right inside of Manager.

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