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At Wowza we know that streaming isn’t easy. We simplify the process the best we can, but sometimes there are still lingering questions when you’re getting up and running. These are the answers to some questions we hear the most.

In regards to Wowza Streaming Engine pricing, what is an instance?

  • A single Wowza Streaming Engine license deployed on premises or in a virtual environment.

Can I install Wowza Streaming Engine on my hardware?

Does my license type determine how many streams I can push out of a server?

  • Absolutely not. The number of streams you’re able to push out is limited only by the hardware resources your server has available. The hardware resources affect bitrates, how much transcoding can be performed, and how many concurrent viewers you’re able to reach.

What size server should I use for delivery?

  • It depends on whether you’re streaming video on demand vs. live, how many streams you’re delivering, the bitrate renditions you’re transcoding, and other factors. We have several deployment examples for common on-premises and cloud scenarios that are a great starting point. You can also let us know what type of video stream you want to deliver, and we can recommend a solution.

What size instance should I use for transcoding?

Do I need an expensive encoder to do adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR)?

  • No, you can enable adaptive bitrate streaming to your viewers with Wowza Streaming Engine regardless of your encoder or camera. You can use an affordable network camera (which has a built-in encoder) or a software encoder. Just about any encoder will work with Wowza software and services, but here is the list of encoders and cameras that are in the Works With Wowza partner program, and therefore have been tested and verified to work well.

What player(s) should I use to reach any screen?

  • We recommend a multiformat player. Our Works With Wowza partner JW Player integrates seamlessly with Wowza Streaming Engine for optimal performance. Check out JW Player and our Works With Wowza partner program for more information on how you can configure your workflow.

If you still have questions, others are probably wondering the same thing. Submit your questions in the comments section below or send an email to our team.

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