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With the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service, affordable sports streaming is at your fingertips: manage costs, reduce complexity, increase revenue, and drive fan engagement. Streamline delivery to laptops, smartphones, and OTT devices like Chromecast and Roku.

Features & Benefits

Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Benefit of Using Wowza

Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Control Over Your Content & Brand Benefit of Using Wowza

Control Over Your Content & Brand

Bandwidth Efficiency Benefit of Using Wowza

Bandwidth Efficiency

Audience Expansion Benefit of Using Wowza

Audience Expansion

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University of Oregon Streams with Wowza

From the World Cup in Brazil to cricket in Sri Lanka, the Belmont Stakes in the United States, and the Champions League in Europe, Wowza technology powers sports streaming. Join our customers in more than 170 countries worldwide.

“We’re rolling out even more streaming features on our website to display the tennis live streams effectively. We’re blowing people away with the quality of the streams, and they’re so easy to manage.”

University of Oregon


—Scott LaBounty, director video production, University of Oregon

Common Live Sports Uses

Pro & semipro • Amateur & club • Collegiate & secondary • Coaching & analysis • Gaming

Cloud-Based & Mobile Streaming for Sports

Learn how cloud and mobile streaming can expand audiences, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

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